Shazam APK + MOD (Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed) v12.41.0-220908

  • Updated on Sep 19,2022
  • Android Network required Network required
  • Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed
  • 24M


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  • v12.41.0-220908 for Android
  • Shazam APK + MOD (Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed) v12.41.0-220908
  • Update on Sep 19,2022
  • Android Network required
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Publisher:Apple, Inc.
  • Price:FREE

Certainly, in some moments, you will feel impressed with a song in a certain video. Using the pop-up feature and keeping this app running in the background, Shazam will instantly receive information about the song you just heard. For sure, your playlist will be filled with the music you love.In the booming era of social networks, many people choose to entertain themselves by watching videos on social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram.

Shazam works even in areas with no internet connection. However, you will be limited to a few features, and the results will not be as accurate as when you online.

Make choices when the game demands. Follow the story, read, and understand everything around you as the main character. You will slowly come to the end according to the life you have lived and the thought you have chosen..To put it bluntly, in addition to the interesting story about Kyudo, you will also take part in a private love story imbued with emotions interspersed a few mysteries, dramatic situations and some interesting facts.

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The Impossible Game: You receive a mysterious message from the past and are dragged into the strange billionaire game. Even stranger is that you easily come to the final round without any significant challenge. What awaits you in this decisive finale? Will you stay the same with your current personality or will you make a move completely changing your life and view of love forever?.

Maybe: Interactive Stories has several themes for you to choose from before you play.. Love, vampires, fiction, career… At that time, the system will give you some introductory text about the character you are about to play, then let you choose the name, gender then dress up to start playing.

Easily switch apps to Dark Mode with just one touch. This mode will help you avoid eye strain when in use while reducing battery consumption.

The two seasons are full of heart-stopping scenes of gore, macabre killings, and gruesome chatter between the undead and the pitiful in Joseon dynasty..Let me give you an example. Just searching for one line on Google would yield countless results. In Kingdom, the kingdom of the undead, Netflix’s Korean series was so well-produced that it became all the range.

If you really like a song, do not hesitate to share it with your friends.Easily share your favorite songs through social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter… You and your friends can enjoy the hottest songs together, share music passion with everyone..

Once you find your favorite song, you can stream it through top mobile music apps like iTunes and Spotify. You want to see the official MV of the song, please play the track through Youtube. No need to waste time searching and typing characters, Shazam brings you a world of music quickly and conveniently..

Besides the song search feature, it also helps you remember the songs you have searched for, just like Google’s search history. Shazam’s tools are all aimed at helping music listeners find their favorite music style. We all know very well that it would be a shame if we don’t hear our favorite tunes.For those who are passionate about music, Shazam is an indispensable application on your phone..

The mysterious details, characters shaped like werewolves and vampires, will gradually reveal.In addition to the content inspired by the daily life context, Journeys: Interactive Series also has fiction, and mystery content such as MAFIA SOUL, VAMPYRA, DON’T FORGET ME. How would you deal with that?.

For those who like Japanese simulation game, this could be a unique but interesting choice.Pierced by Love MOD APK is a fairly good interactive novel about a passion for Kyudo archery.

Based on the history of the songs you search for, if you go to the Discover category, you will get suggestions for songs that you might love.

Of course, you need to allow Shazam to record so that it can hear the music you’re looking for, and your phone must be connected to the internet.On the home screen with only the app icon, you touch the icon and let the phone close to the source of the music, it will listen and return results including song title, artist name, album name..

If you “fall in love” with music played in a cafe but don’t know what song it is, Shazam will help you find the song title in seconds.