Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v8.7.62.398

  • Updated on Sep 06,2022
  • Android Network required Network required
  • Premium Unlocked
  • 29M


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  • v8.7.62.398 for Android
  • Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v8.7.62.398
  • Update on Sep 06,2022
  • Android Network required
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Publisher:Spotify AB
  • Price:FREE

Unlike Netflix policy, here we have a free plan.4.

You can search for almost any information you have saved..The app’s ability to search by keywords is very powerful. It will never automatically jump to unrelated results like in the default smartphone contacts.

All are copyrighted music of high quality. The application constantly updates the new songs and albums to help users quickly find the song they want.It can be said that Spotify is the “king” in the field of providing music online as this application owns a huge music store with over 40 million songs.

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3.. High quality music, the songs are fully copyrighted.

2. This feature has been removed. Does not support lyrics display feature.

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You can listen to music on spotify.1. Compatible on all, software for PC or Mac, or through mobile apps….

This app supports many platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, you can download via the links below.Although there are some downsides that need to fix, Spotify remains one of the best music streaming platforms in the world.

2. Nice interface and easy to use.. The ability to automatically suggest great songs.

Listen to music and download high-quality music (320kbps and Lossless), create personal playlists, play on-demand radio and of course no ads during use.99 per month (applies to more than 60 countries around the world), you can unlock all the excellent features of Spotify. Meanwhile, for only $ 9. .When using the free version, you cannot select the music and listen to music offline.

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In our Spotify MOD APK, you will be able to use these features without paying any money.

You can find a song of any genre like Pop, EDM, Hard Rock, Jazz, K-Pop, etc.Compared to rivals like Apple Music or Pandora, Spotify has a huge music store than its rivals., for free.. In the free version, you will enjoy the songs in blending mode, ie the application will play any song related to the song you searched for initially, and you are not allowed to select songs you want to listen to.

Especially, whenever your favorite artists release new hits or albums, the app will send you instant notifications. When you open the Discover Weekly at the top, you’ll see songs you have not listened yet, but you’ll probably like.. These playlists are sorted by genre and mood.Based on your history and habits music, Spotify automatically suggests songs you may like and composes them into a playlist.


This application allows you to export high quality videos and support the ability to share to many different popular social networks.

Note: Some server-side features still require payment to use.

The premium subscription price is quite high..1.

There are many features in Spotify, which may be related to music genres, music styles, artists’ countries, and other factors. In addition, Spotify editors will design music albums that fit the scene. For example, on a rainy day, you can tap on quiet or pure music to feel the tranquility and beauty of life; if you are having a party with your friends, you can also look for albums such as Happy Energy and Party Hits to ignite the joyful atmosphere of the party.

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Although it is free, you will not be able to use some essential features when listening to music such as repeat, random play, listen to high-quality music… without upgrading your account to the Premium subscription..

According to statistics in 2015, the application has reached the milestone of 60 million users (including 15 million paid users), an impressive number. What made Spotify the best music streaming platform today?.Spotify is the top 1 music streaming platform with a vast number of users.

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In particular, you can register and cancel the Premium package at any time, without any constraints.. Compared to Apple Music, Spotify’s personal and family Premium packages are more expensive but in return for more attractive features, you can consider this.

By various methods, we analyze in-depth the application and adjust individual sections.This is a modified version of the original application by the talented developers at APKMODY.. You can benefit from these adjustments.

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If you are a music lover but haven’t found a good music app, download Spotify Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) now..