Telegram APK + MOD (Lite, Optimized) v8.9.3

  • Updated on Aug 23,2022
  • Android Network required
  • Lite, Optimized
  • 34M


  • 10
  • v8.9.3 for Android
  • Telegram APK + MOD (Lite, Optimized) v8.9.3
  • Update on Aug 23,2022
  • Android
  • Premium Unlocked
  • package:org.telegram.messenger
  • Publisher:Telegram FZ-LLC
  • Price:FREE

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After 8 years of development, the application has attracted more than 400 million daily active users. With Telegram, geographic distance is no longer a big problem. Therefore, you can easily get in touch with friends in your country and foreign.There are many reasons why you should use Telegram as the default messaging app for your Android device. A really huge number. First, they have a very large network..

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The MOD APK version of Telegram only tweaks some of the features to give you a smoother experience..The answer is yes. You should download the MOD APK file on APKMODY to make sure it’s safe.

If you have an appointment with friends or partners, you can easily share your location with just one touch if everyone communicates via Telegram.

The application does not have any ads appearing on the screen, giving you the most comfortable experience during use..Two brothers Durov committed to users Telegram is developed based on a non-profit model.

In particular, if you have friends in the other half of the hemisphere, you can only chat with them at night..The evening is a good time for you to chat with friends and family. Please select Telegram’s dark mode to minimize blue light, help protect your eyes.

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The secret call feature also works the same way.If you have private chats, you don’t want a third party to read them, you should use Telegram’s secret chatbox.. The entire conversation content will be deleted after 30 minutes, leaving no history or trace.

You can also send document files like docx, xls, pdf or pptx, compressed files like zip or rar.Telegram allows you to upload any file to the chatbox, including multimedia files like mp3, mp4, jpg, m4v.

Aside from its security reliability, Telegram doesn’t require your phone to be overly configurable.. The application can also send messages in areas with unstable transmission quality. All of this thanks to Telegram’s servers being located all over the world, as part of a distributed network. You can even use the app smoothly even if you own a mid-range phone.

Finally, to make it easy for users to work with Telegram anytime, anywhere, the cloud syncing application allows you to log in and chat on all platforms such as iOS, Android, computers, desktop and tablets..

That number is real.. You can even upload a movie to the chatbox to share with everyone.5GB. I’m not kidding.Apps like Messenger or WhatsApp generally limit file upload sizes (25MB for Messenger and 16MB for WhatsApp). After successfully sending, if the files are not deleted by the owner, they will be permanently stored in the cloud. Of course, Telegram also limits file size, but that number is 1.

The MOD APK version will help your application run smoother on your phone.Telegram is one of the top free texting apps for Android phones with more than 400 million users globally..