Viber Messenger APK v17.5.0.6

  • Updated on May 22,2022
  • Android Network required
  • 72M

Viber Messenger

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  • v17.5.0.6 for Android
  • Viber Messenger APK v17.5.0.6
  • Update on May 22,2022
  • Android
  • package:com.viber.voip
  • Publisher:Viber Media S.? r.l.
  • Price:FREE

Well, I bet that anyone using smartphones can at least hear about Viber Messenger once. But knowing it does not mean understanding all the features and advantages of this application. Today, let’s see what Viber Messenger APK brings to users!.

There are 02 conditions for using Viber Messenger: One is that you and your partner must have the Viber Messenger app on smartphones and use it.Viber Messenger is a mobile application that helps you text and make free phone calls to other Viber accounts. The other is a good Internet connection (via Wifi or 3G).

Fortunately, most of my friends have this app too, so that we can communicate easily. .Viber Messenger is compatible with almost all operating systems today, including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Bada. To make it easy to understand, no matter what phone you use, you can download Viber Messenger to use it without any difficulty.

In this MOD, the money will not be reduced when you use it, which is also a variation of infinite money!.Ah, easy to understand.

Very convenient to meet friends online, arrange group meetings, or even drink online and everything. Using Viber Messenger, you can make group video calls with up to 20 people. But due to its convenience, popularity, and stable quality, many companies and groups have now switched to using Viber instead of Skype (which is increasingly outdated and troublesome) or Slack (which is limited in the number of messages stored in the app).Viber Messenger is a U2U (user to user) application.

Fast text messaging and calling.

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For example, within 10 seconds or up to 1 day. The messages can automatically disappear. After this time the outgoing message will be automatically deleted in both directions.. By setting a timer for each message, you can decide how long it takes the recipient to finish reading your message.There is a very nice function in the Messages section of Viber Messenger.

The speed of sending text messages does not need to be discussed more. Images, audio files, and even videos of different formats can be sent at a very fast speed.

They are freelancers whose clients come from many different backgrounds, classes, and all kinds of industries (from online trading, consulting to event decoration…). And of course, most of them choose to communicate with customers far away or abroad through Viber Messenger.. And there’s a reason behind that choice.I have a few friends.

Just with these two, you can start using Viber Messenger anywhere, anytime.

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So, no one (even individuals working for Viber Messenger) can hack, eavesdrop or read your messages.Viber Messenger is encrypted end-to-end by default in all incoming and outgoing chats, meetings, and messages between devices.. This means that all information in any format is transmitted back and forth in an encrypted form that can only be decrypted by the devices of people in the conversation.

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