Journeys: Interactive Series APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free Premium Choices) v2.0.71

  • Updated on Sep 06,2022
  • Android 4.4 Network required
  • Unlimited Money, Free Premium Choices
  • 86M

Journeys: Interactive Series

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  • v2.0.71 for Android
  • Journeys: Interactive Series APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free Premium Choices) v2.0.71
  • Update on Sep 06,2022
  • Android 4.4
  • Premium Unlocked
  • package:com.otherguys.journeys
  • Publisher:Gameloft SE
  • Price:FREE

You will play RECIPE OF LOVE first, then you can unlock more new chapters like SINGLES CRUISE, LOVE SQUARED, LINDA BROWN… Each chapter is quite long, but you can still switch to other chapters to play even not complete.Journeys: Interactive Series has dozens of chapters available to play..

In addition to the content inspired by the daily life context, Journeys: Interactive Series also has fiction, and mystery content such as MAFIA SOUL, VAMPYRA, DON’T FORGET ME. How would you deal with that?. The mysterious details, characters shaped like werewolves and vampires, will gradually reveal.

Therefore, you will always have a sense of curiosity about the partners and people you have talked to and interacted with.In addition to the content aspect, Journeys: Interactive Series also has a graphics background that surpasses other visual novel games. Each of them is designed in detail, with a clear expression, creating its own mystery. The first is the character..

But besides the racing and action games like that, they also have some loved visual novel-like games, such as Journeys: Interactive Series that I am about to introduce below.Gameloft SE is a game franchise known for its games like the Asphalt series or Gangstar Vegas..

Be careful.You may be banned if you abuse the MOD version too much.

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I think I should use weapons with a high rate of fire, combined with high-coverage weapons to destroy them..In another case, I faced red balloons with amazingly fast-moving speed.

Although Gameloft SE is not a leader in this category in the market, Journeys: Interactive Series has attracted tens of millions of users with its interesting content.. You can live a new life, interact with the people you love, and do your dream job in this game.

Entire inhabitants have turned into zombies after the spread of a terrible disease. Everything has completely collapsed: the scenery is ruined, the houses are abandoned, people have turned into half-human and half-monster things that are eager to kill the survivors..In a seaside town, life is destroyed.

Remember to pick up the orange boxes along the way, it is the key to upgrade. Defeating them, you can pick up weapons to use.Another interesting thing is that in each scene, you will sometimes encounter aggressive guys who even carry weapons..

The tanks are also very noticeable with many models from world war 2.A special feature of World War Heroes is that these weapons have extremely realistic fire mechanism and recoil, players will feel like they are firing on the battlefield, not control through the phone screen.

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes has a large quest system, based on the original storyline. Each mission, the player will have to confront the monsters and one boss to gain the right to go forward.

Make choices, take control of the situations and live the life you want to live!.If you want to write your own story or control a certain aspect of your life at your own pace, it’s time to download Journeys: Interactive Series. This game has a lot to explore, stories about friendship, love, career, full of drama and turbulence.

But then, events keep happening, sweeping you into a love triangle.Journeys: Interactive Series opens in the bustling New York City. But are they really love and what you are looking forward to? Only you can know this. People constantly appear around you, trying to flirt with you and show sincerity. Make your own decisions, but don’t forget what your aspirations are for New York!. You will play as a young chef who is trying to chase the chef’s dream and the chance to change your life here.

Players will explore many different locations, from bustling modern cities, houses with ancient architecture to the darkest, mysterious places like vampires’ castles..Next, in terms of context, Journeys: Interactive Series shows players that it has an expansive context, is designed in detail and is very beautiful.