Love Sick APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys) v1.96.0

  • Updated on Aug 30,2022
  • Android 4.4Network required Network required
  • Unlimited Diamonds/Keys
  • 55M

Love Sick

  • 10
  • v1.96.0 for Android
  • Love Sick APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys) v1.96.0
  • Update on Aug 30,2022
  • Android 4.4Network required
  • Premium Unlocked
  • package:com.swagmasha.genres
  • Publisher:SWAG MASHA
  • Price:FREE

Believe me! Sentimental sayings and passionate situations will melt any cold heart.And if you have never paid much attention to the genre of romance novels or gentle romantic movies, the Love Sick experience can make the fire of love burn in you.

Who would you be if you bumped into a romance?.

5, so some features in the game are still incomplete and you cannot use it, such as the Career Fight feature. To update the latest information about this game, you can visit APKMODY regularly or join Discord of Koality Game.This is an early access version, version 0.

That princess is you.The story is about a royal family. . At the moment the last life disappeared, time officially stopped flowing across the kingdom. Years ago, they were all murdered by an evil witch. But luck still smiled on this land when a single princess was still alive and spending her beautiful days in a reclusive life in the peaceful countryside.

Is this game easy or difficult? Not both.. Let me tell you why.

Are you a love-thirsty looking for love or just a normal person who wants to experience sweet flirting on a dramatic romantic date night? Either one you want, you will need to play this game, Love Sick MOD APK, because it is so true to what you are looking for.

You can also earn these items while solving match-3 puzzles, receive rewards from the quest system, or purchase gift packs in the store.

My friends! Let’s honestly say “Yes” to all your most instinctive needs. And Love Sick will give you the opportunity to achieve what you want. Play and blush for unexpected romance in this dating game!.

It’s not just about displaying images with a beautiful 3D style, but also in the fact that the game smoothly combines the player’s control with the “realistic” feeling taking place on the tennis court while playing. This is a game that in my opinion has the most standard, clear, and effective 3D physics effects.Honestly, there are still some tennis games that have the same 3D visuals. But 3D Tennis is a rather special case.. Finally, it gives a feeling of reality that you feel like you are holding a racket standing on a tennis court.

Sudoku is a famous puzzle game, has been around for a long time, probably from the ’80s.. The magical numbers in this logic game have caused many players to “brainwashing”, but at the same time, it also brings the desire to win.

In this story, you will play the role of a beautiful, sexy female secret agent, whose heart is still bleeding because her lover left her for a very classic reason: the third person. But unfortunately, you really fall in love with this charming fiancé. Your task this time is to seduce the famous female billionaire’s fiancée to see if he is really sincere and loves the female billionaire for her own or just for money, fame, or a worse purpose.

The limited scope of this game’s combat system increases the overall challenge level of the game.. With the personalized cat, equipped with items and weapons system, you will go to conquer the world. The game has an automatic system, you just wait for the game to automatically attack the baby monsters as you pass by and click on them if you reach close enough.When joining Cat Quest, you will be transformed into a Cat Knight. You can move and attack the monsters that are blocking your way. You have a limited amount of available spells and other abilities, it forces you to focus on how you approach each game rather than just perfect skills for all enemies with the skill, you can run into higher level enemies without hesitation, use the special skill to kill them more quickly, it’s easy.

You can use Diamonds and Keys even if the quantity is not enough.

And many more fascinating stories like this are waiting for you in Love Sick..

Pretty Spy.

You need to know that this game is a role-playing adventure game that combines the style of Legend of Zelda and Minecraft.If you are tired with Minecraft, you can try this game. This game is released by 505 Games for free on multiple platforms, including PC / Mobile. Even though it’s a paid game, the game still has a large number of players.

You will be directed to some specific actions such as carrying a pitcher with Action button, map view, … Uncharted Seas island contains many dangerous and unanswered secret..The player will start the journey the next morning when the boy wakes up. You have to use your intelligence to unravel the mysterious story of this island.

Maybe playing this Love Sick game can not only make you more comfortable when chatting with the opposite sex, but also give you more accurate and flexible “love” signal recognition, and smooth responses. No one is naturally sexy, it all comes down to practice and skill accumulation.In Love Sick, you can also practice flirting skills with words, gestures, eyes, and actions. Anything with experience is better, isn’t it?. It’s true with you too.

Even the dark, mysterious, and full of traces of the past are also dug up in the journey of them..Obviously, Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike’s Adventures is designed to give players the opportunity to go around and get lost in this giant ice cream factory, not just going through some rooms like the previous part.

If you are a lover of love novels, I am sure Love Sick can make you truly sick because of the brilliant flirting of both the girl and boy in the game. It can revive all your fantasies and memories of the most romantic love vividly like never before. Unlike when you just read and watch such romance in novels or movies, now you really are the main character in the story..